Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-XP1 - Layout  


All controls and functions on the DDJ-XP1 will apply to the selected Left/Right Deck.

  1. PAD MODE: Use these 4 buttons to select a mode for the Pads. Hold SHIFT down and then use the same buttons to select an additional/secondary mode for the Pads. 8 Modes in total are available and can be selected individually per deck/side.
    Each time a mode is selected, the related Pads page will be automatically loaded to the default GUI of VirtualDJ.
    Press the same PAD MODE button again to toggle the Pads view on the GUI between the view of Pads 1-8 and Pads 9-16

  2. PADS: The 16 RGB colored Pads perform different functions, depending on the selected Pad mode. See next chapters for further details

  3. PAGE: Use these buttons to control the 1st Parameter of the selected mode (if available). Hold SHIFT and then use these buttons to control the 2nd Parameter of the selected mode (if available). The functionality of the Parameters depend on the selected mode. See next Chapters for further details.