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Hercules - Inpulse T7  


MIC Input

The Hercules DJControl T7 offers a MIC Input (connections at the rear panel) to connect a Microphone. The signal of this input is routed directly to the Master Output but is also available as an input of the USB audio interface and added in default Audio setup of VirtualDJ, so that it can be recorded along with your mix.
To avoid double signal of this input to the Master Output, make sure the microphoneToMaster setting is set to No (default value when the T7 is connected)

T7 Settings

There are 2 Inpulse T7 - specific settings, only available when the T7 is connected. Go to VirtualDJ OPTIONS tab and select the CONTROLLER category. See these settings at the top of the list.

LedDimming : When set to Yes (default value) the leds of the T7 buttons will be dimmed during their off-state. When set to No, the leds of the T7 buttons will be completely off during their off-state.

FXSlotsperDeck : When set to 3 (default value) the 3+3 FX ARM buttons on the left and right side will be able to arm and enable up to 3 Effects per Deck.
When set to 6, all 6 FX ARM buttons will be able to arm and enable up to 6 Effects per Deck.

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