Hey everyone out there, my name is Dj V.I.Dreadz. I'm originally from the Virgin Islands but I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. I play mainly reggae w/ a dash of hip-hop/rap here & there. I recently got the Hercules dj console Rmx & getting familiar with it. I broadcast live @
I will be moving to Orlando Fla. where I will be djing @ the Why Not lounge located inside the Magnus Grande Hotel 230 Wymoor Rd. Altamonte Springs Fla. If ur ever in the area check me out.
Peace & Love...

vidreadz friends


Seana23 (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 8:44 pmnot sure why your pc is saying the version is too old? but try going to the downloads section ov the vdj home page and see if there is an updated version ov the software.
Seana23 (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 23 Aug 10 @ 8:40 pmHi babes. Thanx for friending me....

...........i friended you right back.

TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Sat 21 Aug 10 @ 12:51 pmSounds like a PC problem. Make sure you have nothing else running while mixing and, turn off your wifi card. See if that helps.