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tycoonentertainmentcanada friends


wildcountryclub (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 01 Oct 15 @ 9:12 pmI haven't been as active on the website up until recently due to some personal issues with some of the people on here and have stayed mostly on facebook - club is located in Harker Heights Texas
dominick1234 (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 30 Sep 15 @ 6:19 amI saw your discussion about the video plug in can you send that to me please
DeweyDecibel (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 22 Aug 15 @ 5:05 pmI have an APC 80 mapped to Traktor. I see you have one as well. Would you be willing to share your mapping/definition files for the APC 80? Virtual DJ's mapping abilities leave alot to be desired... Nothing like traktor at all. lol
88pauley (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 8:09 pmThanks for helping me out
webedge (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 12 Dec 13 @ 7:50 amwould you mind sharing the apc40 mapping? i have most of mine setup but im getting funny responses from the track selection that makes the device control go crazy.

tycoonentertainmentcanada (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 17 Oct 12 @ 11:20 pmapc 40 is posted. I just ordered the second apc for video...
tycoonentertainmentcanada (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 13 Sep 12 @ 5:33 pmworking on linking ten things to the virtual dj set up. I wish i had the demo of 8 as im sure things will change the second i get it and have to start all over..
djcreul (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 15 Dec 10 @ 6:03 amhi, just saw your discussion . .. .i'm using ipad thru vdj. . . .im using tonetable iphone/ipad/ipod apps connecting to sl3 or m-audio works great .. .
dj rozqui (Limited edition user)wrote on Tue 25 Aug 09 @ 6:04 amone more thing. is it ok if i add you on my friends list?
dj rozqui (Limited edition user)wrote on Tue 25 Aug 09 @ 6:03 ami use the serato scratch live but i also like vdj with my hercules by the way and maybe i will upgrade to vdj pro soon. tnx
dj rozqui (Limited edition user)wrote on Tue 25 Aug 09 @ 6:01 amhi. just saw your discussion and i just want to know what is the zip dj your'retalking about? can you add me to the said link that you know? i am a turntablist and i use serato SL1? can you tell me the procedure exactly how to do it? you said you're an all canadian dj? wow perfect where do you live? i hope in vancouver because every year i am there once a week during summer. i work on a cruise ship that docks there and hope to meet you personally tnx
sbangs (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 25 Sep 08 @ 3:14 amGlad you are liking them!