Mobile DJ, sound and lighting engineer since the beginning of the 80s. Mixed vinyl in as resident DJ in the 80s and started digital mp3 mixing from 2002. Entertaining at various partys, weddings and company events normally with a huge load of equipment - due to my profound affection for professional sound and lighting gear... ;-)

Besides DJing I'm also doing gigs as a dedicated sound or lighting engineer, sometimes with my own equipment.

As a DJ my style is kind of commercial with a special preference for "the old stuff", house and RnB. I'm a mixing DJ and my shows are a blend of different genres and spiced with creative mixes. I'm always playing for the floor and continously on a mission to entertain and make people dance.

Playing for an audience is my way of bringing "peace of mind" into my busy world - I love it!

"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche

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