I have just getting in to dj'ing

superwest friends


jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Sat 07 Mar 09 @ 6:31 pmTo be honest I don't know mate. I don't use the effects so my buttons are set as default. I don't need to change them
awax5 (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 30 Jan 09 @ 5:09 pmthanks for the add
marmotttadj (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 25 Jan 09 @ 11:13 amHey, thanks for the add
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Sun 25 Jan 09 @ 6:30 amI think they have put some sort of protection on it, so you may need to donate to the software, or get a serial number in order for that message to stop, I'll see what I can find out
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 1:34 pmYes mate, just drop me a PM
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Tue 20 Jan 09 @ 12:36 amAnother UK member, bloody cool, thanks for the add.