Hi everyone!

I am one passionate DJ. I started in 1988 when I was 14 years old. I had hooked up 2 belt turntables on top of my parents wooden frame 21 inches TV. The turntables did not have pitches so I would press on the plate to speed or slow down the speed of the record to beat match the tunes...

Right away my father was annoyed with the boom tss boom tss, so he built me an insulated DJ boot in the basement... This was lots of fun. My friends and I would always gather there and have a blast!

The same year, I started to be a resident DJ at the "Brass Bar", and right after at the "Pub Lafontaine, in Canada, Edmundston New-Brunswick. We even did a TV Show at the Brass bar on Fridays. Wow there was lots of hair spray on the chicks back then.

I left Edmundston to go to University in Hull 755KM away from home in Quebec. I DJ briefly to the club called "Le Bop" and also "Inextremis". since then I have been a basement DJ.

Last year I really decided to get back into it, but with all new technologies.

Virtual DJ did wonders for me! It is one of the coolest thing that happened to me in the last year for DJing.

I now have one sl-1200, numark Totalcontrol, Berhinger BCR2000, Timecode vinyl, m-audio conectiv, many computers, VDJ pro.

I work in the field of IT, and web development. I manage a large web infrastructure for 32 TV stations in Canada, and a robust live and on-demand streaming video infrastructure I build for, and

I also play will ableton live to make house music you can here my music here:


Steve Martin

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