About me:
I am a down to earth hard working young man. I love having fun but at the same time I know how to take care of business. The age of the computer has also kept in the music scene for some time feeder. DJs play your music in various clubs with records or CDs. But more is in the discos and a laptop in the DJ found. With this laptop the data CD's / Vinyls plus the special sound card to the songs in MP3 format on the club's grounds are mixed together and played without an audible difference arises.

In order to fully utilize the existing equipment to various DJ programs also offer the opportunity to play the tracks with the respective video mixing, this job is called then VDJ (Video Jay Dee) The audience is thus not only an acoustic but also a visual presentation offered. More information about these programs you find here on the page.

Not everyone who DJ / VDJ is also called a real DJ / VDJ, but you can leave out all the DJ's / VDJ's listed here on this page to your work as a DJ / VDJ very seriously and bring several years of experience.

Bookings / Inquiries: All inquiries are Direckt to the respective DJ / VDJ or forwarded the agency. If you do not have any conclusive DJ / VDJ to accompany your event, we will help you long

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