Hi , i am a mobile DJ in Yorkshire, UK and have been an active on the DJ circuit for around 15 years.Equipment i use are two laptops..Sony Vaio with Numark Cue software and DMC2 controller,Numark DJio Soundcard,160 gigg external Hardrive, back up laptop Samsung V25.Citronic Smx 500 mixer , Two Mackie Active SRM 450's, Kam twin wireless Mics, Roadready Flightcases, Ultimax gig stands ,Martin Scanners 2 x SCX500's, American dj Starball DMX,Kam Starcluster laser,American Dj Tri Phase LED,Ledj colourburst l.e.d parcans,Trancension DMX lighting Controller and a Martin Magnum 500 Fog machine.I absolutely love the mobile DJ'ing scene and its more so for the love of music and the buzz from a great night than the cash itself!!! I am now completly hooked into the Numark software, i have done the viynl and CD routes which has brought me to the wonderfull world of mp3's and the fantastic creativity of the Cue software.Party on !

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