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tayla (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Tue 09 Feb 10 @ 6:08 pmhey thanks for the add, now go get that free plugin at downloads - Firetext
DjFiness (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 19 Dec 09 @ 1:55 pmSUP OGKED, your on my Network. Peace!
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vj angelo (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 06 Jun 09 @ 6:54 amThanks for add! :-))
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DjMorpheo22 (Experienced pro user)wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09 @ 2:57 amHi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

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ogked (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 11 Feb 09 @ 3:48 am2 ICDX, NUMARK DXM01 AND VDJ SETUP

1. Have the usb wires from the 2 cd players and from the mixer USB1 and USB2 to the various usb ports on your laptop/PC,make sure the ports are usb 2.0 because sometimes the PC/laptop doesnt recognise the devices.
2. On the back of the mixer on CH1 n CH2 push the sliders to usb.
3.On the mixer flick the 2 switches (that are just above the volume sliders) to line/usb.
4. After connecting the usb wires,make sure that they have been recognised,go to the far right of the taskbar and right click the volume icon,click on playback devices,you will see two extra devices i.e 4 usb audio codec & 6 usb audio codec.Set any of the above as the default device.
5. Open VDj pro go to conig and click sound setup and select as shown below:

SOUNDCARDS - SPEAKERS(4 usb audio codec)
SECOND SOUNDCARD - SPEAKERS(6 usb audio codec)
6. Go to remote control right click on the icdx icon and click activate.

NB: if the sound is coming from the wrong side,just play around with the soundcards.

Hope this will help all you out there.
hodgea (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 10 Jan 09 @ 9:36 amyo bro! I also have 2 icdxs and the numark dmx01 usb mxer. Being that I am a novice user, can you please post in detail how you have everything setup to include how your VDJ pro version is configured. I know that you had the same issue once upon a time but you never did post how you got it all working. It would be a great help my brother.