since 1985 (i was 15 years old) i'm DJ'ing.
In the beginning (after a lot of training :-) ) i playing @ dance cafe's, clubs and private party's also great company party's.
The last 10 years i'm playing only for private party's.
This year i'm totaly change my Dj'ing from vinyl,cd and computer to only VDJ.
In the beginning it was a great change but for me is it perfect now...no more moving my lot...

microtje friends



Krazy Kat DJs wrote on Tue 20 Oct 09
I have all my equipment in a Controlled boxed so the monitor is protected from being moved around. I've DJing Since 1970 I did Radio for 10 years. I was just wondering if the Mac Mini could handle the stress of the road I just want to use it for backup, I just built a Beast of a PC Ic7 processor & evga motherboard & recently it has been shutting down for no reason. I have someone checking on it to see if we can find out why it just crashes. thanx for you answer kat
spinnaJ wrote on Tue 07 Oct 08
Hi thanks for the friend request.. have a nice day;)