About me:
Ive been here since VDJ v3 and was using Atomix since v2.0

At the moment in building a couple of skins, but they take time, so please be patient.

Mark :)


RTR Dave wrote on Wed 08 Jun 16
Mark Dee Jay... Thanks very much for the post... I appreciate you very much!!!
djskippy1971 wrote on Tue 13 May 14
love the new vdj 8
vj angelo wrote on Sun 21 Jun 09
Thanks for add:-)
by Vj Angelo
=>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
marksmolinski wrote on Sun 21 Jun 09
well im mainly working on one thats 1024x600, for my netbook. then i got the Tribalism skin (again 1024x600). so once im happy with those, then 1440x900 could be next on the scope. If you have any ideas, post'en up on the skins pages or PM me :)
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Sat 20 Jun 09
Sorry to be a sm@rta$$ . It's all good. Appreciate the work on the skins. Any new 1440x900's coming out?
marksmolinski wrote on Sat 20 Jun 09
nah, thats the thing. there HAS been a shortage.
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Fri 19 Jun 09
I'm sure there's been no shortage of people who have requested his friendship. I've submitted mine to him several weeks to a month ago and he didn't accept. Some people just don't "do" frienships online I guess. I pulled my request.
djrenee wrote on Fri 19 Jun 09
Mark, you need to work on your friends list, I've seen homeless people with more peeps to hang out with. LMAO
solly4 wrote on Fri 29 May 09
Hi, thanks for the comment. Have added you, hope thats ok?
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Thu 28 May 09
Just added you...
marksmolinski wrote on Thu 28 May 09
Thanks MCJuli
MCJULI wrote on Fri 10 Apr 09
Hi, i add you on my frinds list :o)

Greeetz McJuli