The name is Mac Rob. I recently undertook DJ-ing as a hobby, and own a couple 800 watts powered speakers. So it's not so bad for just starting. I'm based out from the Bay Area,more specifically Richmond,CA...if you know the area, then you kno bout the murders,high homicide rates, crazy nights, gun shots past 12am,etc...i used to be caught up with that ignorant lifestyle, but have found something more productive in life in the form of music and most importantly education. I drop the midnite hour hustle for the real grind of obtaining a great education, and hope to transfer to UC Berkeley as an Civil Engineer major. I'm currently a triple major in community college as Math, Civil Engineering, and Architecture. When not hitting the books, i'm usually playing with my DJ...


james.cs wrote on Mon 16 Nov 09
Respect!! Nice to hear it's been a positive influence in your life, I can relate. Keep it movin!!!
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Mon 16 Nov 09
Awesome dude! Glad to hear your 1st gig went well! The Numark C3USB is a pretty good mixer, I knew it would work out well. Which controller are using?

DJRudeDoGG wrote on Sat 08 Aug 09
I read your little bio above here. I know Richmond, I've done biz out there in the 90's. I grew up in a ghetto ass area of L.A. and did the same thing as you, I messed around and did sh!t too but didn't get caught up and headed in a more positive direction (college and work) but still maintain my street-smarts that have paid dividends in my life and has helped me in my success in life. Keep it up homes!