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I have been a music fanatic with my very 1st turntable at 4 years old. I started to DJ all the way back in 92 and fell off years later and came back into in 01. I spin a little bit of everything, my taste is eclectic. I'm from Chicago so of course House(Deep -Ghetto- Acid-) STEPPIN (A ballroom style of dance that has evolved from over 50 years) and yes it's way more than R. Kelly's mega hit
Step In The Name Love and the remix. Trust me it incorporates many genres of music besides the typical R&B. Also in today's time in Chicago the young ones from the kids to up to young club and lounge goers (Juke) It's Ghetto House with a Techno feel other Mid-westerners like up in Detroit know it as Ghetto Tech. Either way It's the biz. I have done it for all age groups, while the babies are clapping, i can have your momma, daddy, uncles, aunt and all the way to grand parents tappin wishing they could get up. So understand it does not matter what u use as long as your floor continually packed.

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