My name is Jeremy Knight, aged 60 year old on 2nd September 1957, single, male. I am a DJ, and I do mobile discos and I name my mobile disco name as DJ Jez, Disco and Entertainment and I have lot of discos for long time since 13 years ago and the competition is rather fierce. Details about my disco and services my provide the following websites such as and I have now have my internet radio station set up as "Knight Time Music Radio with DJ Jez" and new website as for streaming from the new VirtualDJ 7.4 Professional Edition and as my homepage. I will broadcast as with the VirtualDJ 7.
6 decks


jeremt wrote on Mon 19 May 14
So in future Knight Time Music Radio with DJ Jez with hat the weekends and weekdays with plenty of with plenty of good music, no talk, with adverts. is the website