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Been Djing for several years. At first it was mostly remixing songs for my friends. Then got a break and through supplying some mixes for local dj's in the area where was living at. Then got invited to dj one night and to go "public" while needless to say got hooked. So took time, polished skills and learn more from all the dj's that would let me hang out. So went back where grew up and discovered how much folks are into karaoke. From there started doing weekly shows. Then after finding VDJ when was shopping for new gear. I gave the demo a try and after trying other software as well. Just loved the way the interface was and how it didnt "kill" the laptop.

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dj dawn (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 04 Mar 10 @ 9:50 amThanks for subscribing to my group!, check back often for playlists I create... Party On!
isyahtiger87 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 19 Dec 09 @ 3:56 pmwell this will be a first ..have gotten snowed out of a show tonight as of this moment..funny what nearly a foot of snow will do to peeps it is still snowing
dj-in-norway (Atomix Productions)wrote on Tue 01 Dec 09 @ 8:01 pmthanks for the add ;)