People who really know will tell you more about his kind of work. "Full Blast" has been a recording egineer for 4 years, studied 2 years of electronics and now majoring in marketing management. Most of his work is underground but is still underground masterpiece! Owns a mini studio at his residence, produces beats either for his personal use in remixing, or for commercial purposes. Computers : his knoledge, the pure source of his talent. After 3 years of self learning, "Full Blast" makes his big appearance in 2002. It was shocking at first to see perform a dj with only a desktop, and it was hard for the crowd to accept...except for that fact that the performance was great! Unlocking and revealing his method has inspired others to follow his ways to conceive a dj, and now we have a Pc dj community :) Creator and producer of "ti tou", "Full Blast" is known by nations around the world (yup!), [USA, Canada, France, South Africa, dominican republic and mostly French guyana, guadeloupe, martinique]

FACEBOOK : Reginald Lamothe (FULL BLAST)

links to his profile : www.fullblast22.hi5.com www.myspace.com/fullblast22

Email : fullblast22@hotmail.com fullblast22@yahoo.com fullblast24@aol.com

Info :
Haiti : (509)3 764 - 5758 Santiago(DR) : (829) 875 9592

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