DJ Triple 9; I spin club, house, Hip hop, Reggae and mashups.

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osuarez wrote on Fri 01 Feb 13
Hello wanting to find out how I can remove the lpd8 software you created it is causing me issue... does not recognize my LPD8 as simple wrapper any longer
djtriple9 wrote on Mon 14 Nov 11
Sorry, I've been off this page for too , long. the instruction link actually downloads the pres.lpd file. It should work for both mac and PC.
iandavey81 wrote on Wed 19 Oct 11
Hello, i'm trying to get your map for the LPD8 working but i can't find the prest.lpd file, can you send me it or let me know where i can get it?

mesobr wrote on Sun 14 Aug 11
prest.lpd where is it for mac?
djsampamix wrote on Thu 17 Mar 11
hey how u doing bro i download ur aki lpd8 mapper but i cant find the prest.lpd file anywhere can u help me?
FLeX69 wrote on Tue 15 Mar 11
What's up Triple 9: Question about the 1D &/or 1M. I'm really interested in these products, but I appreciate your honest feedback. I notice there is no mappers for them as of yet. Did you have to map every key? Any issues when mapping, especially the scratch/pitch/slowing the platter down, etc? Does DaRouter work with VDJ? I'm still holding back before I purchase. Thank you in advance. FLeX
xxxdjvip wrote on Tue 02 Nov 10
What up? You were a big help on timecodes to me on youtube. Just wanted to say thanks. I see your using a CDX. I have 2 of thoses some TechMk5's and a few different mixers. Keep spinning bro.