Hi people, I'm John, a DJ based in Stoke on Trent in the UK. I've been DJing since I built my first twindeck in my bedroom as a kid in the late 80s, and have been out there getting paid for it since the mid 90s. I used to do a lot of mobile/club work, although in recent years it's been mostly midweek karaoke gigs for me - I don't do as much now due to a full time job working as the engineer in a DJ shop/event hire company, and a lot of weekends are taken up with running touring PA and video/lighting systems as a result. I ditched my vinyl and CDs back in 2000 when I discovered PCDJ Red, later upgrading to VDJ in 2006, and never looked back!


xxxdjvip (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 16 Mar 11 @ 10:37 amYeah I got new CD drives and their ok now. Thanks
xxxdjvip (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 22 Aug 10 @ 6:19 pmWhats up bro. Im having some truble with my laser in my cdx. While i'm playing a timecoded CD in Virtual Vinyl the one CDX will start skipping or looping in the middle of the song. Should i replace my Transport Assembly or can i upgrade the laser and have a local electronics shop install it. I dont know how to replace the laser myself. If you can just give your opinion on what i shoud do that would be awesome. Thanks alot man. Dj V.i.P.
DjFiness (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 08 Jan 10 @ 9:40 pmCool Rig Concept...
av1613 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 10 May 09 @ 2:11 pmHi man...Lovin' the DIY!!! :-)