Born in 1973, in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, Jose Luis Heredia began his musical journey as a mere listener. His parents migrated to Los Angeles, like many others, looking for the American dream. Growing up in the sleepy southeastern suburb of South Gate, Jose was touched by music in many levels.

His father would expose him to a guitar and a synthesizer, other than a few basic melodies, Jose never learned an instrument. It was until high school where he was formally introduced to music to which he failed to master the simple and uncomplicated rhythms of the snare drum. Yet, he did not...

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DJRudeDoGG wrote on Sun 07 Mar 10
Thanks for the add Jose! I didn't know you were here too? Cool, I used to be very active here until politics and other issues cooled my fervor some. I still help out here and there though... Good to see you on VDJ forums!


Keep Spinnin'!!