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Naytan (Limited edition user)wrote on Mon 28 Dec 09 @ 1:32 pmHey DJ Panda,

Im currently going thru a problem with broadcasting VDJ via where you seem to understand how it works better than myself.

Basically, I have an audio interface [Focusrite Saffire 6 USB] which is the default soundcard on my PC [windows XP], VDJ and ustream account. The problem is, my mic is being broadcasted, but not the music being played via VDJ

Can you help me please?
dj_alex_jarocho (Limited edition user)wrote on Fri 02 Oct 09 @ 4:07 pmhello there, i don't charge nothing at all. pm me with more details of what you want in your logo (Size, colors, text, etc)
How you know im from veracruz lol

TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Wed 02 Sep 09 @ 10:35 pmI understand how it could have been fun. But, it would not have been fun to that user. I understand your feelings, it is VDJ's policy though that all users, regardless of license status, be treated with kindness and respect. I locked that thread to protect the community, as much as the NLU.