hi I have been djing for six mouths im useing a samsung laptop with a usb numark djtogo mixer the programe im useing is virtual dj six . Im realy enjoying it ,these are some of the music that im into ,trance ibiza techno hardcore drum n bass. The people i look up to in the dj aindrestry are dj tiesto ian van dahl sasha dave peares paul van dyke .

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ianmelville wrote on Tue 24 Jan 12
Thanks for the add
pseft wrote on Mon 16 Jan 12
ty mistress
DHoude wrote on Tue 10 Jan 12
Oh man! Totally missed you wall post, last September! Sorry, summer went well. Did real good in 2011. How is the scene treating you?
Seana23 wrote on Mon 12 Sep 11
Hi babes. thanx for Friending me... I'ze Friended you right back.
SuperAceMan wrote on Fri 08 Jul 11
Thanx for the add and the nice clean wall to post on :)

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