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moewho (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 01 Jun 13 @ 8:23 pmYO djesco1, if i download the numark ns7 skin you made can i still use the ns7 fx bar
djesco1 (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 12 Nov 12 @ 2:57 pmDefinitely looking forward to the release of Virtual DJ 8 Pro @djesco @VirtualDJ #IkeepLoosingSleep #OverlyExcited #CantSleep #NextLEVEL PLS RT
mazi (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 23 Oct 12 @ 4:36 am
hi dear djesco1.I'm a dj from Iran and I seriously need your help.due to the limitation that exists here in Iran I don't have access to the facilities and equipments of the website of virtual dj.I would honestly be grateful and it would truely be a great favor if you could send me the mapping of korg kp3 kaoos pad to my e-mail address or kindly send me the link of the mapping of kp3.i'd truely appreciate and compensate it one day... yours mazi

DjRilla (Limited edition user)wrote on Sat 31 Mar 12 @ 12:15 pmi need the ns7 mapping ting can you help me out bro?
VDJ PNOS TSALAGAS (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 20 Sep 11 @ 2:59 pmhi dj esco i like your work a lot ! i have see your video about ns7 4 decks videos and i want to ask you if you like to sent me a link or something ... thank a lot
rickystahh7 (Limited edition user)wrote on Sun 10 Apr 11 @ 12:58 pmbruvv can u alsoo send me the mapping 4 the ns7,, thankkkkks =]
luismiguelespino (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 08 Apr 11 @ 12:12 amhey bro i guess you deleted your link to the mapping for the ns7? i click it and it says no longer available. it seems like alot of people bug about it but i could really really use it. thanks email is if u need it
Dj Bravo-Houston (Limited edition user)wrote on Mon 28 Mar 11 @ 1:44 pmHey Dj Esco like your vids....hey I am having trouble with my ns7..can u please send me the mapper for
dj etan (Limited edition user)wrote on Tue 14 Dec 10 @ 3:36 amhey there,djesco, i was wondering if you could custom a skin for me im using virtual dj 6.1.2 and vdj7. im from manila philippines, would appreciate it a lot please.....
dj gzk (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 03 Dec 10 @ 9:23 amhi
can you send me the mapper for ns7 please ?
cinfx (VIP Member)wrote on Tue 14 Jul 09 @ 2:05 amHello DJ Esco. Ready to pay to get for the NS7 mapping for Virtual DJ. I bought the NS7, i have VDJ 6 but i need this mapping. I don't really understand all the codes i've seen in the forum, so if there is an easy way,like a .exe file, i would be an immediate buyer.

Thanks for replying fast please
marcpfeiffer (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 29 Jun 09 @ 12:58 amHello DJ Esco! Could you please send the NS7 Mapper to me?
Sorry for my bad english and best regards from Germany,
digitalwiz (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 25 Jun 09 @ 6:40 amhey djesco.... was referred to you... saw your post on youtube too..... I bought the NS7 since it was said it was going to be native in the release of VDJ6... This did not happen... so... my NS7 still sits in a box.... is your mapping for the NS7 working flawlessly... please let me know.... that would be great... if not what issues are still there
kingarthurdj (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 24 Jun 09 @ 10:40 pmhey !!!!! i saw your post of the wow!!!!!
can you please send me a copy of the mapper of the ns7 with virtual dj!!! y can send you back 6 tracks that are scratch samples mike hoska send them to me ''product speacialist of the ns7''
b1shop (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 27 Apr 09 @ 12:52 pmPDF is there with reply in forum