[DJ] SenSation
Hi guys my real names Andrew I love many genres of music vdj has really opend
my eyes to the music industry and this is how i started of at the age of 17 i bought my 1st decks and then purchased VDJ Software possibilitys were endless and best choice i made to go VIRTUAL :).

Started on Radio in 2008 and come 2010 still going strong hopeing to attract many new listners to the site along side are Talented DJ CREW.

2008 placed 2nd best DJ VDJR hitting the highs with one of my sets verry pleased with that and hopeing to hit a high again soon:)

love to please many with my music and hope to inspire new blood to join us here and VDJR. Spend most of my time i channel 1 doing house and dance but channel 3 is also my fave now and again good old TRANCE :)

Lives in England in a town called plymouth in the southwest devon.


SBDJ (Atomix Productions)wrote on Sun 25 Jan 09 @ 10:05 pmI wouldn't buy the BCD3000 personally...
djandrewgreen (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 22 Jan 09 @ 3:35 amIm a DJ for Virtual DJ Radio Tune in :)