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I've kissed the floor, tasted the glory, inspired others, instructed dj's, and I feel like I still haven't done enough, I feel there is more to do in my dj life.

Well, enough about me, I would like to know more about all of you, and probably share the stage with many of you in a near future. I would also like to invite everyone to check out my official DJ page under facebook. Jus go to

See you all on the dance floor.

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dj ho productions (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 03 Jan 12 @ 5:27 pmHey what's up everyone, happy 2012.
djmarcodemty (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 05 Jul 11 @ 8:16 pmHola bro, saludos amigo desde Dallas tx, un abrazo.
slimcox1 (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 04 Jul 11 @ 7:48 pmHappy 4th
djburromex (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 01 Jun 11 @ 2:55 amsaludos y gracias po rel add
DJ Magoeletronico (Limited edition user)wrote on Wed 18 May 11 @ 5:14 amHi Dj Ho!!!
I add you in my friends list OK.
My email is and Facebook is DJ Mago add me OK.
DJ Mago.
slimcox1 (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 17 Jan 11 @ 12:29 amNice mix it doing your thing I added u to my friends list
flyt (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 14 Jan 11 @ 11:13 amSup Dj Ho... love ur new mix.... keep rocking it brotha.....
djmarcodemty (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 28 Dec 10 @ 10:26 pmSaludos colega desde Dallas Tx, feliz año 2011.
Speedy53 (Team)wrote on Sun 26 Dec 10 @ 12:20 pmHi, Ho. My best wishes for U, hope you've had a nice Christmas. And I belive we will have great new year. Peace, music and faith 4ever!
djchris73 (Experienced pro user)wrote on Fri 02 Jul 10 @ 6:32 amwassup, bro. I'm in Montebello!
Speedy53 (Team)wrote on Fri 12 Mar 10 @ 10:52 pmand sorry my bad english and typing mistakes
Speedy53 (Team)wrote on Fri 12 Mar 10 @ 10:50 pmHi, Ho
Ok. I saw your podcast link a portuguese forum and listen a bit, congratulations for your technique and music feeling. Feel free to posts new podcasts at anytime you wanto to.
Greetings form Brazil.
DJMarze (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 30 Jul 09 @ 10:22 pmhey bro , apologies for only just getting back to you - i hardly ever check my homepage on here! looks like you've sorted it out! if u need any help flick me an email