Hello My name Is Siavash aka DJ 2 L8. (2 Leight)
I am 29 and I've been into Trance and Progressive since '03.
I am UK born, but Persian in blood. I can say I am probably the first Persian Radio Dj on the site.
During my life I've lived in 9 years in Iran and another 5 years in Canada but now I am living in the UK so you can say I have seen the best of Both worlds. I am Fluent In French/English and Farsi which gives me the advantage in future goals and career prospects.
I didn't start getting in the whole DJ lifestyle till '06 when I first Purchased Virtual Dj in summer. I constantly started to work with program for awhile to get into grips with it. Somewhat after that I purchased my first Pioneer CDJ' 400 with a DJM 400 mixer and from then I started on the mixing scale to get myself up to pro level.
In my personal life I study in Swansea-Wales (UK) majoring in Product engineering, its a nice small city with a very nice beach front and with a lot of nice friendly people.. .
My music Influences are Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

Music Style:

Imagine you're on an Island under the sun lying by the beach with a hot lady by your side sipping on a nice cold mojito, when you hear a magical sound that when you close your eyes you want to fly away..You feel compelled to ask the dj what is that style you are playing and I tell you its Trance and Progressive...

favorite Quote: Where there's Power, there is money, where there is money there is women.

Contact Info
Office: Altamar Building, Kings road, Swansea, UK
Swansea, United Kingdom

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