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dijflexx friends


Spazialex DJ (Moderator)wrote on Wed 03 Aug 11 @ 8:21 pmRest in Peace, Mix in Peace, DJ :-(
upriz3n (Limited edition user)wrote on Sat 01 May 10 @ 9:07 am--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
http://www.soundclick.com/DjEightySiXerOnDmiXeR to listen to all the UpRiZ3N Remixes,Freestyle, and exclusive tracks all mixes done by my alter ego Dj Eighty Sixer the official UpRiZ3N DJ
crydna76 (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 9:27 pmRiposa in pace... mixa anche in paradiso!
danielgio (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 1:13 pmCiao Flexx ,saluti da Naples!
dj joe scrumble (Experienced pro user)wrote on Thu 27 Nov 08 @ 10:27 amCiao DIJFlexx , Finalmente ti si vede anche in viso , un salutone Bye Joe;-) From Friuli!!!!!
;-) Mandi
Spazialex DJ (Moderator)wrote on Fri 31 Oct 08 @ 11:35 amBuon DJ Set in Radio... essendo halloween potresti recuperare flexter - profondo rosso - dj dado - x-files e twin peaks :-)