Well, I've been DJ'ing for over 15 years now, clubs, mobile, strip clubs, events. I am now managing a strip club in Portland Oregon and still DJ part time on the side.

I also started my own graphic design business several years ago due to the fact that I was the only person who's designs I liked for my club events and parties. Hence the screen name.

I make skins now as an outlet for my graphic design cravings as it affords me the ability to fuse design with creative "programming" and DJ software.

I really enjoy making skins and hearing peoples feedback about them. I want to make skins that people stop and look at and go "dude, that's awesome!"

I would love any comments or suggestions about any of my work and if you want, put up a video of my work being put to use... I love that stuff!


cbgraphix friends


homeworld (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 19 Aug 14 @ 1:00 amI love the HDDJ Touch skin. It is very much like the Smithson Martin Touch controller.
I get comments about it at every show. I use it on a 27" touch screen. You gotta make it for VDJ 8!
pseft (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 30 Apr 13 @ 4:08 amnice skin... the stainless one
Deejay Corny (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 4:32 amHAPPY NEW YEAR! KEEP ON ROCKIN! (I MEAN SPINNIN) :)
Deejay Corny (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 15 Jun 11 @ 5:48 amThanx for the suggustions on skinning... my FRIEND (hint hint) !
Deejay Corny (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 08 Jun 11 @ 8:40 amHi there, cbgraphix! Did you manage to solve your browser in a pannel problem? If so, how? I'm having similar problems with a panneled touch screen skin I'm making and would appreciate any pointers/help...
thetracker510 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 07 May 11 @ 9:12 pmme think I'll graffiti on your wall...lol...
davidessayescamilla (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 18 Apr 11 @ 4:38 pmdigging your blue steel pro skin. keep em coming...
dj twilite (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 13 Apr 11 @ 7:22 pmwhats good cb?
sorry i didnt get back at you. been grindin. but if you can make multi res that would be great.
cbgraphix (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 31 Mar 11 @ 12:39 pmthanks potter
DJ_Potter (Experienced pro user)wrote on Thu 24 Mar 11 @ 12:03 pmi like your skin dashlight, very complete in special the waveforms, looks great!! regards from Cusco-PerĂº

dj twilite (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 11:19 amwhats good cdg? do you think you could make a skin for the denon dns 3700's?
TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Sun 20 Feb 11 @ 8:06 amThanks for the add.
cbgraphix (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 14 Feb 11 @ 1:52 amJust finishedmy most involved skin to date. Ugh,i'd takea break if I didn't enjoy it so much. I've already got some ideas for my next one.Although I think I should make an iPad skin, not having one makes that... challenging.