Dj Allen Verdugo almost done buying all my equipment im still learning on the fly but i have done about 1 party a month for the past two years. it is now time for buisness cards we will see what happens think i will be all right. i mean i ve actual been messing around and making tapes since i was about 7 years old.

beardugo friends


DJ Ace Cap1 (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 03 Aug 10 @ 10:19 amGood to see someone else in my area doing the dj thang and you have my name too. Stay up!
marksmolinski (Experienced pro user)wrote on Sat 20 Jun 09 @ 12:38 pmThanks for the add :)
DJRudeDoGG (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Wed 03 Jun 09 @ 10:33 pmKeep spinnin!! Thanx for the add!!
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Sun 31 May 09 @ 10:49 amThanks for the add matey :)