Just got started DJ-ing and am starting off on the right foot with VDJ. Had the MK2 for awhiel then decided it was time to upgrade so i have two gemini tt-04 tables as well as an external numark mixer controlling some wireless miics .... in the future i am looking into a Korg Kaoss pad when the cash comes in ... just a bedroom dj for now while spinning a few times at my house parties - aany and all adivce welcome! just a new kid tryna get into something i love

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MCJULI (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 14 Apr 09 @ 12:06 pmHi, i add you on my friends list :o)

Greeetz McJuli
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09 @ 5:51 pmStopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Mon 24 Nov 08 @ 4:00 pmI posted a new mix today.
Please give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it.
Ratings have been turned off, so if you like it please leave a comment.
Thanks for the support..T
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Wed 19 Nov 08 @ 5:45 pmWhat's up witcha...
I'm just doing my customary "What's up witcha" to keep in touch with my fellow DJ's
Keep the people dancin...
Keep the crowd rockin...
Keep the party movin...
xonor (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 13 Nov 08 @ 12:34 pmThanks for add me
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 30 Oct 08 @ 12:39 pmHappy to help. Keep it spinnin dude.
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Sun 28 Sep 08 @ 8:16 pmWhere in MD are you?

I live in MD too. I'm in the D.C. Metro. Spin at clubs in D.C.