Monkeys can be trained to play a song; but only the elite can scan any place in any city in the country and instantaneously gauge, and react to, the vibe of the room. I feel like there’s a lost art to reading a crowd. It’s not just jumping on the tables and spinning. It’s playing a song, taking a step back and seeing how people are reacting. For me, it’s about the crowd being in sync with what I’m doing; me and them never actually speaking but communicating through music.

Times have changed, and no longer is the nightclub scene solely an audio entertainment experience. Your nightclub can now have an incredible visual experience as well. DJ Q is able to combine his musical prowess with his intense production skills to create one of the most entertaining video mixing experiences ever seen. From the classic videos you know, to completely custom pieces developed in his studio, he creates an unparalleled audio/video experience. DJ Q is one of the most open format DJs you will ever find spinning top 40, electro, house, rock, and hip hop all mashed up with the videos projected on to screens or the house displays.

Immersed in audio/video mixing long before the technology was widely available, DJ Q is seen an as innovator of the art form, a true creative force. Often credited and recognized as a unique and versatile entertainer and called “a chameleon of the music industry” for his ability to adapt to whatever environment he plays in. It was this reputation which landed him a resident spot at Seacrets – Jamaica USA, a club continuously ranked among the Top 10 the U.S. according to Nightclub & Bar Magazine

Watching his work live in a nightclub or sitting in front of your computer screen, one is immersed in the cutting-edge music and iconic references from television, movies and internet, all sliced together with precision and technical skill. Whether it’s Stewie Griffin beat boxing over Three 6 Mafia, Jersey Shore over Prodigy, or clips from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, DJ Q’s work is widely acclaimed as pioneering in the field of rhythmic video production and performance. As a performer, he is revered as one of the best live performance DJs in history, by both fans and peers. Now it’s time to find out for yourself.