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 My DJ History

Thu 12 Apr 07 @ 12:25 am

I started Djing in 1983, OK, I started carrying a working DJs records. I also was sucking up every bit of knowledge I could about DJing. His name was Charles Nelson, he was one of the original WGCI (Chicago IL) SuperMix6. His style was deep house, but he was working a Holiday Inn to pay the bills. I just sucked up everything I could about mixing, and DJing in general. At that time I was also buying a many LPs as I could get my hands on.

One day while talking to Charles he told me I was getting to the point where I needed to get out and try DJing on my own. So I conned my way into a job at a local saloon. That grew into two local saloons. Not long after that I was working deep house clubs on Chicago's southside. I will not bore you with their names, especially since all of them are now called something else or gone all together. I worked one place as the only mixer four nights a week for four years. It was a 5:00a.m. club and all the other DJs would come in after their clubs shut down and hang out in my booth. I loved it, watching them spin was a gift from the DJ gods. So many different styles, so many different type of music. Most of them are still friends today.

I even worked as an on air talent for a local radio station for a while. I learned about programing music over an extended period of time. Not at all like looking out at the room and getting the feel for the moment. Very different than club mixing, or saloon DJing. Looking at your music over a 48 hour period of time ,I had the last "live" shift on Friday nights and it was up to me to plan the next two days worth of music, minus the advertisments of course.

Then I got married, and stopped DJing for a while. All the time I was not mixing I was itching, itching to DJ again. Not long after my divorce I knew I needed to jump back in. And I did, in a big way. I now own three systems, have three people working for me, and am booked at least once every weekend. Bars and clubs are still fun, but not for working in. Specializing in private events is more condusive to buying more equipment.

One Day I might hang up my headphones for good, but I doubt it! It is in my blood, my very DNA. If you could look at the double helix of my X and Y chromisomes you would find a Numark DM1750 mixer and a piece of vinyl.

During the day I am an electronics techinician that fixes copiers, fax machines and network printers. Hey, it pays for my health insurance for the girls and I. Oh, girls, I have two beautiful daughters, one blond, one redhead. I think God is getting even with me for my club days. They are both going to be tall (I am 6'4" and my ex is 6'0") with beautiful blue eyes. I just hope they don't date and DJs..........

That is my story, I hope it was not boring. Thanks for reading, and keep spinning the good tunes!