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Sun 31 Jul 11 @ 4:09 am

I started mixing over 25 years ago. When I started, I learned how to blend 45 RPM records on a Technics 1200 MKI and a Technics 1200. Let me break that down for you, if you are not aware. That means, one turntable had a pitch dial of just over 2% Beats Per Minute difference the DJ could effect while blending two records together. Furthermore, it also means, since I learned on 45 R.P.M. records the intro was only about 4 beats, if I was lucky.

Tonight I ran into a much younger DJ who made the statement " using a midi controller is not DJing". After Moderating the VirtualDJ forums for two years now, and after using their software to DJ, and mix, for over five, I figured it was time to defend my 1/4 century of mixing, and no longer using turn tables to do so.

Allow me, if you would, to use an analogy. At the beginning of WWII the German ME 109 was the most advanced fighter air craft in the world. During the Battle Of Briton the English utilized the Supermarine Spitfire, and the Hawker Hurricane, to defeat the Luftwaffe. In what would have been the precursor to an invasion of England.

After loosing the Battle Of Briton the German Luftwaffe faced the North American P-51 Mustang. Arguably the best fighter of all time. I doubt very much any of the German pilots who faced the P-51D or the Spitfire would declare the pilots of the opposing aircraft "not a real pilot" because they were using a more technologically advanced fighter. If any of them were inclined to do so, their widows were notified by mail of the loss of their husbands life.

Explain to me, if you would, how me no longer wishing to carry 15 orange crates of vinyl, along with a 6 foot coffin and two turn tables, is in any way equal to me not being a mixing DJ? Did I not hone my craft? Did I not learn the art of blending? Am I not experienced?

So, the next time a DJ tells you you are not a "real DJ" because you are not using the equipment they are, think of Adolf Galland, general of the German Luftwaffe who, when asked, what do you need to defeat England answered "Herr Reichsmarschall, a squadron of Spitfire!!" And think of all the German pilots who lost their lives to superior technology...THEN let them tell you, you are not a real DJ.....