My name is Andrea, I started DJing over 22YEARS ago! ( you do the math) Like many, I started off with vinyls, eventually made myself learn on CD’s and ………..finally, I felt it was time to retire! I did both mobile & night club gigs for many years. Just felt it was time to get out while I was still on top of my game. I have been out of the DJ circuit for well over 10 years, until I received a call a month ago from a new night club owner in my area. They heard my name around and wanted to know if I still spinning, OF COURSE I didn’t say NO……….heck someone remembered me! So here I am, learning a whole new concept “ THE DIGITAL DJ” WOW ..
It is Gooooood to be back!


tayla (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12 @ 10:44 amdamn, think my brain has gone to mulch today...
tayla (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12 @ 10:41 amOh... thanks for the add
tayla (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12 @ 10:40 amWe def need more "sistas" but Renee will tell you I'm just a pig... lol
dj bernel (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 17 Jan 12 @ 5:51 amwish you all the best in 2012.... enjoy and have fun in the world of Djing.....
Deejay Corny (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 9:41 amI AGREE with Renee: too few female deejays around here... Welcome back to the DJ scene! My story is like yours, and I'm beginning to wonder if there are many of us "returners"... ;)
SPIN SISTA (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 28 Apr 11 @ 12:11 pmHa Ha ha - good thing I can spin! I never even looked at this page....so here is my very belated HELLO, and great to hear from you all....
djrenee (Experienced pro user)wrote on Sat 25 Dec 10 @ 1:12 pmHey Andrea and welcome to VDJ. It's good to see a few "Sistas". The Testosterone level around here is somewhere between 9-10 with FULL DISTORTION. LMAO
kidogg (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 3:16 amOh by the way cute smile.
farhanashraf (Limited edition user)wrote on Mon 25 Oct 10 @ 3:06 pmwhats goin on