Hello, My name is J Realm my company is Realm Entertainment I have been in the music and entertainment since 1985. I am a street dancer, singer, rapper, Deejay, studio owner and producer and I am happy to be apart of the Virtual dj family

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carino4 (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 03 Oct 14 @ 1:48 pmI Glad to meet you. I am Latino dancing I like salsa the best. I am to have so many DJs freinds
carino4 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 25 Mar 12 @ 11:38 amwellcome
carino4 (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 07 Mar 12 @ 7:28 pmGreat
jdotano40 (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 04 Feb 11 @ 12:32 pmthx for the add
beatbreaker1 (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 11:15 amThanks for the add big homie!!