Hi there...(",)

Name's Chris. I stay in Paisley in Scotland, UK. Born 1980.

DJ for some 10 years or so now...been running an entertainement business full time for the past 4 years doing discos, karaokes, quiz nights...etc etc etc.

Swapped a 9 to 5 for a '8am to the wee small hours' and love it!!!

Been a VDJ'er for about 5 years or so now. It's come on in leaps and bounds and I also plug it to anyone who asks about it. I've never used CD's to dj...just software...and always...it has to be VDJ.

Keep spinnin'...(",)

Pionara friends


dJ_ro_(ecu) (VIP Member)wrote on Wed 04 May 11 @ 7:13 pmHi, i like your Avatar
MCJULI (Experienced pro user)wrote on Fri 10 Apr 09 @ 7:25 amHi, i like your Avatar :-D
btw: I add you ;o)
sonido1902 (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 11 Dec 08 @ 12:33 pmEAT MY SHORTS..hahaha dats a classic phrase..:D
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 08 Dec 08 @ 9:56 amMay I be the first one to write on your wall, thanks for the add mate :)