Combining the Elements of Raw Energetic Percussion with Banging House Music is an EXPLOSIVE ELEMENT!!! LiKuiD is the catalyst in that explosive element. Originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, his childhood music hero was East St. Louis native Miles Davis. He prides himself on the lessons that he has learned from Miles and many many other great artists and performers. After being involved with music for over 15 years he has dedicated himself to emerging as on of the top DJ/Producer/Percussionist combos out there. LiKuiD has traveled all over the world and has mesmerized audiences with his combination of percussion and DJ skills. Whether on the Decks or on the Bongos he is a mad man determined to do one thing – “ROCK THE ROOF!”

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djsup3404 wrote on Fri 11 Mar 11
hey did u ever fix that problem with the broadcast and it picking up the sound of the hercules rmx? cuz im having the same problems