''Djeddcarl GROOVE CREATE & ABILITY LIVE MIX/REMIX style'' cp# +966567299581

Eversince I am inclined into music...harmony & melody is my zest in life. Music - it's my ultimate passion...Because of my enthusiasm in to music I go all-out to meet up my satisfaction. I strived so hard and never get tired of realizing my dream, a dream to become a successful & popular DJ.

I know I will be much happier tagging on my hearts desire...the desire of "Djing" (playing, mixing/remixing varieties of songs) and/or making sort of danceable & groovy noise to move the crowd out of my ability as a DJ. I believed that a good DJ has an ability to move the crowd. And an ability to enhance music by own create & ability.

I have gone through a lot to get what I want. It took me long years to put up my DJ GIZMOS, years full of sacrifices & hardworks. When I had given the opportunity to work abroad, I was determined to obtain my gizmos one at a time.

Eventually, in 2007 I have started my own mobile sound system (Djeddcarl Mobile Sound System) using professional DJ software and a state of the art DJ MIDI Controller manufactured M-Audio, Pioneer Dj ToolS Pro DJM 800 W/MIDI Controller two [2] CDJ 1000 MK3 & CD's timecode in various GIG here in K.S.A. Since then, I have been continually busy on remixing & gigging. I accommodate to different kinds of party activities in various groups especially in Filipino communities in Jeddah, KSA. Once in a while, I had gig with private royal family...I had the chance to handle several OFW events and fortunately a regular sound system of various OFW events. Djeddcarl Mobile Sound Mix has been tested & proven in effectively and successfully handling big events (e.g.: Events of OFW Organizations like The Kasapi Congress, 1Ganap/Guardians, Kitakits and various events of Filipino groups). Djeddcarl Mobile Sound Mix has received Plaque of Appreciation from these organizations.

Actually, Facebook has a huge contribution in my career. Through FB I was able to reached my audiences. They have the way to get my latest mixes/remixes and at the same time, I got their feedbacks which is most of that were positive one. So, I was encouraged and inspired to continue until now. Luckily, i recieved invitations to be a guest deejay in a particular events from various organizers (local and/or other nationalities).

First & foremost thanks God for all the blessings & guidance he has given me, if not from God I will not achieved all these things..To my family for their love & support.. Special friends and followers who has been helping and supporting me.

Lastly, I would like also to extend my special thanks to DJ Dawny Ray Capuz as Official DJ of Djeddcarl Mobile Sound Mix who has been recently handling some gigs in lieu of me.

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