I am Dj DLight
My real Name its Nelson
I'm 20
years old and i am from portugal/Lisbon
I love House Music and Tribal House.
if you want cheak some Remixs go to

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vj angelo wrote on Wed 18 Mar 09
Thanks for add! :-))
by Vj Angelo
=>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
ZIPDJ wrote on Tue 27 Jan 09
tank you too
Dj_Light16 wrote on Mon 26 Jan 09
Cheak in my Blog my remix ------ยป DJ Madskillz Feat Kenphonik (Hiya Kaia Remix) Dj DLight
xonor wrote on Sun 18 Jan 09
Thanks for add me
DJ SINCLAIR wrote on Sun 18 Jan 09
Thanx for the add :))
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 18 Jan 09
thanks for the add ! =)