DJ J-Jeovani
making mixes since i got ma set up

DJ J-Jeovani friends


SBDJ (Atomix Productions)wrote on Sun 15 Jul 12 @ 10:28 amYes, but rather than making a new post everytime more information becomes available it makes more sense to update the existing thread :)
Seana23 (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 31 Jan 11 @ 5:49 amOh and thanks for forgiving my... Indiscressions... XXX
Seana23 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 30 Jan 11 @ 7:20 amI liked your You tube mix... not my sort ov music but well mixed and nice and smooth in places... well done babes... Seana XXX
Ize friended you cos you've answered some ov my threads and made me laugh.. XXX
TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 11:21 pmThanks for the add!