My name is Matthew I am 39 years of age.
Welcome to my profile, thanks for hopping in, feel free to Tour around, leave a message on the wall if possible Have fun.

Ok music is a very passionate hobby of mine.i started in the music business, back in 1989 when I first made my mobile disco. I have played for all kinds of people, so I am not a specialist in a specific type of music, I normally play what people like to hear and dance to.

Thank you all for your continued support with the skins. feel free to ask me for help..I enjoy helping people... Peace and love to you all

Musical Preferred Style : - House - Dance - Club

My day time job I am an audio service engineer for Numark / Akia / Alesis / ion. So I get to repair a large range of audio products.

My Hobby
I design graphics and make skins for DJ applications like Virtual DJ. 

 My Controllers And Setups

Fri 29 Jun 07 @ 8:26 pm

(Virtual DJ Professional 5.2)

Controller 1- DAC-3

Controller 2 Total Control

Controller 2 Hercules DJ Console RMX

My Setups UPDATE 13/7/2008

UPDATE 5/1/2008

(LAPTOP) AMD TURION 64 MOBILE 1.600+ (Memory) DDR 400 1.3 GB
(Hard Disk) IDE 80GB
(Sound Card 1) 10 CH I/O EDIROL UA 1000 ( USB 2 )
(MIXER) Numark CM200 CH 13 I/O

(Server Case) 19" Rack Mount/Black (Motherboard) ASRock K8 COMBO Z
(Processor) AMD 64bit Athlon 3500+ (Memory) Kingston DDR 400 2GB
(Hard Disk) IDE 80GB Total 160GB X2 SATA 250GB Total 500GB
(Graphics) N Vidia 128MB

(Sound Card 1) 10 CH I/O EDIROL UA 1000 ( USB 2 )
(MIXER) Numark CM200 CH 13 I/O
(Controller) DAC-3

Windows XP Professional

(Virtual DJ Professional 4.0)

(Easy CD-DA Extractor 9) (Tag-Rename) (MP3Gain)