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bubi112 wrote on Sun 27 Dec 15
Hallo ich kriege bei meiner vdj 7.4.6 Pro den Mapper für mein Novation twitch nicht mehr zum laufen kannst du mir da helfen oder nen tipp geben wer mir da helfen kann ? Würde auch gerne mal versuchen mir ein Skin für den Contoller zu bastel hab aber nicht die größte ahnung davon da wäre ich dir für ein paar tipps auch sehr dankbar.
mfg bubi112
Alexeev Ivan wrote on Thu 06 Nov 14
Hi ! Can you open VDJ MIDI Controll Definer for all licenses ?
djrickmhaiti wrote on Sun 07 Sep 14
Hi, is threre a manual for VDJ Controll Definer?
djrickmhaiti wrote on Sun 07 Sep 14
Hi, is threre a manual for VDJ Controll Definer?
freppa wrote on Sun 13 Apr 14
Nice Studio you got there ;-)
JMPC7 wrote on Sat 23 Feb 13
Hallo ! Ich bin W@ters !
RobRoy wrote on Wed 09 Jan 13
Besser spät als nie...;-)
El Brain Breaker wrote on Tue 04 Dec 12
I can't install my Numark CUE in my new MacBook Pro
Mike H. John wrote on Tue 20 Nov 12
Nochmals... Willkommen als VIP-Member. Hab dich geadded.

Gruss Mike
dj fiou wrote on Mon 22 Oct 12
hello chackl ,
have you a good mapper and a good definition mapper for the CDJ900 .
with cuepoints, waveform, led slip mode, play slip display.
thank you
Chackl wrote on Wed 19 Sep 12
Please note that the SL Mk2 Zero was never finished. It was a little gag to improve my skills but it was never finished. Ther are some problems with defining a Text in Sysexlines in Virtual DJ - so it is not stable and totaly buggy. And up to now there is nothing planed to finish it.
Regards chackl
Killbah wrote on Thu 23 Aug 12
I sit with a Novation Zero SL MkII and have created a device XML, and a mapper file. I wonder if you would help me with the syntax and definitions in XML device
I have no problem with the buttons, knobs and sliders, just LED and LCD.
Please help me ....
dopesera wrote on Tue 24 Jul 12
hey man i was asking you some questions in the forum about a year ago, i was wondering if you made any progress or finished the mapping definitions for the remotezero, ive since got it working how I want it except for the lcd display, which is apparently way over my head, so ive just memorized the buttons and knobs and such but i'd still like to see my lcd how your forum post photos showed it. amy help would be much appreciated.
lildjervinc1 wrote on Fri 06 Jul 12
Can you email me the lcd map or somethig. . Thank you
Da Bogin Ewok wrote on Fri 01 Jun 12
chackl ive been trying to map my novation remote sl 37 for days and just came across your xml program only to notice that you'd been working on this! glad to see im not alone. any tips or advice for a fellow vdj pro user?