Well, I see a few of you place a little background on how you got here, so here is my journey...

I start in 2000 after seeing PCDJ demo... Wow, djing off an laptop... Wow. I remember my first gig where a few guests came up and said. You are using a LAPTOP...!!! and just 9 years later I get quests coming up said: "Your using a laptop"...? Well, if you don't moving forward you are moving backward... :)

My Best Man started djing for his kids at school and after a few years started make real money doing events. He asked me to start dj'ing but I didn't like messing about with CD's but after seeing the demo above and seeing the money he was making, I when out a got an amp on loan from the music store and never looked back.

I still have the amp and speaker but I have moved on to power speakers. I love dj'ing and fighting to find the right song at the time for the right event. Hey, there are lows but the highs outweigh the lows.

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