Andry Oporia
DreDaDJ (UK) est. '94

Used & still use turntables but currently when playing out, I use my Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V. (Easier set-up and way easier transport.)

Some of the events (that will be edited), that i've played at:



Andry Oporia wrote on Thu 23 Feb 12
Got my DJ name from the "Foreign Legion" at a House Dance Battle i was playing at.
They called me "DreDaDJ" (3D).
So DJ3D. But I know of a respected DJ out of East New York with the original title.

Therefore, I'll stick with DreDaDJ as for now and will change when I'm officially professional.
Andry Oporia wrote on Mon 02 Jan 12
No DJ name yet. But this is the Year to start.