I started out as a dj in the Boogie Down Bronx NYC in the early 80's jamming in the parks after dark. Back then it was 12'" Vinyls and cassette tapes. I have been using Virtual DJ since 2004. I mix Music, Videos and do Karaoke for my Mobile DJ Company in 7 cities Virginia. My favorite Genres are Tropical, RnB, House, Old School Hip Hop.

Puro Nuyorican

This is what I am working with:

1 Numark NS6
1 Home Made Server Rack Win 7
2 Dell 610's Laptop Win 7
2 24" Monitors
1 Maya 44 USB Audio Interface
2 Rane CV-02 Timecode Vinyls
2 VDJ Timecode Vinyls
1 Hercules RMX
1 Numark Total Control
1 Numark DMC2
1 Hercules DJ Original
2 Stanton T.60 Turntables
2 Shure M44-7 Cartridges
2 Stanton 680EL Cartridges
1 Stanton M.202 Mixer
1 Numark-C3FX Mixer
1 Behringer-FBQ1502 EQ/Crossover
2 Behringer-EP4000 Power Amps
2 JBL-SF115 Main PA Speakers
2 Yamaha-SW118 Subwoofers


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dJ_ro_(ecu) (VIP Member)wrote on Sat 03 Sep 11 @ 7:26 amGracias por el add amigo....
slimcox1 (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 20 Mar 11 @ 3:36 pmI added you to my friends list
DJRudeDoGG (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Thu 22 Oct 09 @ 2:20 amHeck yeah dude, you should pick up an Akai APC40 then... you won't regret it. I really love that toy. I can't wait to see what all this talk about this Ableton/Serato product is! They will be releasing the info at Mobile Beat 2010! I'll be there!

djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 28 Sep 09 @ 10:59 pmWhere in Da BX you from? I'm from Edenwald Projects. Used to do jams in the Big park behind 112. You know about that?
DJRudeDoGG (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Wed 23 Sep 09 @ 3:54 pmThanks for the kind words and for checking out the YouTube channel. Being a DJ is definitely an art form that can easily be lost to technology. We have to work hard to keep the true aspect of it alive. DJs in our age group remember the true effort put forth in beatmatching vinyl using effects that weren't computerized and the art of MCing. I embrace technology no doubt but I still want to maintain the old school methods that made DJing the art that it is and hopefully will remain!


Keep Spinnin'!!
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Caliente123 (VIP Member)wrote on Sat 19 Sep 09 @ 12:03 pmIf you can make it in NY... You can make it anywhere. I have been on the 1&2's since 1985.
7citiesVDJays (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 19 Sep 09 @ 2:55 amI got the grind flu, the only cure is MONEY. Lets get the parties started !