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Topic: Possible "music style" problem solution

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I, as many of you it seems, like to mix different kinds of music. Personally I try to stick with Trance and Mix is a bit of D&B and some funk. But I also like Triphop and Downbeat. Unfortunately these different music styles feature 4/4 or 2/4 beats and snare, kick, or deep bass beats but usually one or the other (or the other ;)) I would like to see 2 switches on each turntable. One for 2/4 or 4/4 beat detection and the other for snare or kick or deep bass. This would allow for beat detection and proper BPM in many different types of music. I would assume that if a program could detect 4/4 kick as well as this does, only a slight adjustment would be necessary to detect 4/4 snare or 2/4 bass or 2/4 kick, etc.

Posted Wed 04 Apr 01 @ 7:22 am
DaSOHome userMember since 2001
Oops, didn't mean to be anonymous!

Posted Wed 04 Apr 01 @ 7:23 am

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