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Topic: TimeCounter for beat to stop / end...

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Hey There!
Thanks for a brilliant product!

There is one feature that i really miss here.

And that is a kind of "Beat start or stop" countdown...

eg: In most songs, there are silent breaks, with vocal or something, and no bass beat. Therefore it could be nice if there was a timecounter that realtime calculated when this silent break is comming, so that you can mix another bass beat in. And also when there is silent, it could be nice to count down till the bass beat starts again.

Got my point? ;-)


Posted Tue 13 Mar 01 @ 7:32 pm
simple solution - know your tunes!

Posted Thu 15 Mar 01 @ 1:04 am
Yeah I agree you can't expect to make a good mix if you dont know your tunes well, just practice, I was surprised about how good my mixes turn out with this product, however, it's not exactly hard to pull off an unreal mix, is it? =)

Posted Fri 30 Mar 01 @ 11:55 am

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