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Topic: use SB Live 2 outputs / Play wav files

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Will atomixmp3 be able to play the first sound on the front output of the sblive and the 2nd sound on the rear one ??? (it's work on BPM Studio Home)
In fact, the sblive has 2 outputs, one for front speakers and the other for rear speakers.

It would be great if we could play some short wav files, clicking on some buttons, like BPM Studio Home.

Posted Mon 12 Mar 01 @ 2:04 pm
Your first request already works ! I do it all the time to an external mixer.
Just configure your Sb Live for 4 speakers and then select the appropriate configuration in atomix (meaning 3D card + mixer). Then Atomix plays the first deck to the rear and the second to the front.

Posted Wed 14 Mar 01 @ 10:55 pm
I am having the same problem, I have configured for 4 speakers on my live card, when I configure as sugessted both decks come out both channels at the same time, not to individual channels. Can anyone help me I am going insane tring.

I have even installed two sound cards and that doesn't even work,,, I think I have downloaded a buggy version, but I can't seem to download another full version without giving my credit card details agin..... Grrrh

Posted Sun 01 Apr 01 @ 7:12 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003

if you have a registered (not cracked) version, you should reinstall your SB drivers. I sometimes have the same problem. It´s not a fault of AtomixMP3. The SB LiveWare seems to have bugs.

If you use a crack, it will not function! There is no crack making AtomixMP3 fully working!!


Posted Sun 01 Apr 01 @ 8:16 pm

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