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Topic: Numark NDX500 Custom Mapper

Posted Fri 01 Jul 22 @ 7:45 am
This mapper is intended for the Numark NDX500, but the frame-cueing functionality can be adapted for just about any controller -- as long as it has a jog wheel, cue button, play button, and any spare button to enable frame-cueing. Simply extract the necessary logic, and you're good to go!

Here's a quick start guide:

  • Press 'Play' to pause or resume playback. Unlike most other mappers, simply pausing the track, will NOT reset the cuepoint.
  • Press 'Cue' to jump back to the cuepoint and pause playback, or hold 'Cue' to briefly preview the track from the cuepoint.
  • Press 'Tap' to set the cupoint and simultaneously pause the track during playback. Press 'Reloop' or 'Play' to resume playback.
  • Hold 'Tap' to enable frame-cueing, which will pause and stutter the track to aid in moving the cuepoint to the desired frame.
  • During frame-cueing, either the jog wheel or the track-selection knob can be used to seek through the track frame-by-frame.
  • Turntable braking is possible by pressing 'Play' while holding 'Brake'. Use the track-selection knob to adjust the braking speed.
  • Engage any one of the three effects banks by pressing 'Loop In', 'Loop Out', or 'Reloop' (for banks 1 through 3) accordingly.
  • Adjust the primary effect parameter by rotating the jogwheel. The LCD display will show the parameter value (in percent).
  • In Program Mode, use the pitch-bend buttons to scan through the track during playback ('+' for fast-forward or '-' for rewind).
  • In Program Mode, setup a loop by pressing 'Loop In' for the start and 'Loop Out' for the end. Exit the loop by pressing 'Loop Out'.
  • In Program Mode, press 'Loop In' to set the cuepoint on-the-fly. Press 'Reloop' to bop back to the cuepoint (similar to hot cues).

Note: The only buttons that reset the cuepoint are 'Tap', 'Loop In', and the hotcues. All other functions such as scratching, braking, reversing, scanning, pausing, etc. preserve the cupoint.

Posted Wed 06 Jul 22 @ 8:05 pm