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Topic: effect_colorfx & effect_stems_color ?
Attempting to learn more of the amazing features of VDJ.

How and where would effect_colorfx be used, (what does it do) all I can find is

Could you explain 4 custom slots and where they are (or what they represent)?

and similarly effect_stems_color

Can stems be applied to the knob under the EQs with this?

I cannot get them to do anything.
(not in Wiki yet)


VDJ v b6418

Posted 5 days ago @ 6:15 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
AFAIK effect_stems_color is not for audio color but button

test with:
effect_stems_color & param_cast & debug

so that this can't be used as an audio effect

The " 4 custom slots" is currently a big unknown !!

Posted 5 days ago @ 7:49 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The 4 custom slots means that you can use "effect_colorfx 1", "effect_colorfx 2", etc... on 4 different knobs/sliders to have 4 independent color fx.
Since most mixers have just a single filter knob it's probably more practical to stick with the default unless you have knobs to spare on your controller.

You can use effect_stems to select which stem the effects apply to. This is for both the color fx and regular fx.

Posted 5 days ago @ 7:54 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
4 custom slots was a nod to the pioneer gear that has 4 buttons around the filter, so just a short hand to call a specific fx to the colorfx [filter] dial.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:26 pm
Very cool, Thank you

I currently have about 20 encoder knobs still looking for work .. trying to do my part to help !

and is

effect_stems_color vocal on

a valid way to apply the colorfx effect, only to vocal (in this case). Does that go in custom button or would it be added with, & effect_stems_color vocal on to the knob mapping? or are either possible?

still unable to get effect_stems_color to do anything. Or is it NOT an audio effect? Still unsure.

Nicotux wrote :
test with:
effect_stems_color & param_cast & debug

so that this can't be used as an audio effect

and outputs the color "Gray" ??

Still trying to learn.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:38 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
OK, was about to ask how to select the effect in such slots
filter_selectcolorfx being unusable
effect_select colorfx being unusable

but what locodog explained (and confirm) is there is only one real slot, and 4 assignable buttons usable as shortcut


Posted 5 days ago @ 9:11 pm
After Adion explained.. I can get effect_colorfx to work from the example in pic:

and can add all 4 color effect knobs to the Right deck and 4 to the Left Deck.

with the assigned effect in " "

Think maybe better to just use Regular FX, though.

still unable to figure out the effect_stems_color or get it to do anything

And would love to be able to apply stems to the ColorFX, if that is possible.


Posted 5 days ago @ 10:51 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
As Nico said, effect_stems_color is just used to get a color for the effect_stems pad button.
As I said, you can use just effect_stems in the way you described and this will also affect color fx

Posted 5 days ago @ 4:27 am
Thank you so much Nico and Adion and Locodog

I have not been able to get the FX Stems to work on the ColorFX (those controlled by the knobs below the EQs on the default Pro skin)

in this post, Klausmogenen posted a video:

and demos the ColorFX at 3:52 min, and was not clear to me that it was working .. I could not get FXStems to affect ColorFX and asked in that thread:
klausmogensen wrote :
Truly Amazing, once again .... VDJ is the BEST !! Love it !
thank you for that quick video test !
I could not get the ColorFX to apply ONLY to a selected Stem, (which you demonstrate at 3:52),

I think it's currently only the regular "old" filter - so not the colorfxs (yet)
But maybe Adion can confirm that?

I created this custom button
effect_stems vocal on ? effect_stems vocal off : effect_stems vocal on
to easily turn the vocal FXstems on and off.. It works wonderfully on the standard FX ..

so LOVE IT and use it all the time, so Amazing!!!!

But it does nothing to the ColorFX.. . so that's why have been looking for a way to add to the ColorFX. Would LOVE to also use FXStems separation for ColorFX.

It could be just my install of VDJ that FXStems is NOT working on FXColor.

I can create videos with sound if that would be helpful.

Am I the only one who cannot get FXStems on the ColorFX knobs?

VDJ 6434
Tested with Default Pro skin

Note: I Testwith Loop roll and FXStems Vocal.. since easy to hear that beat is NOT being Loop Rolled.

Posted 4 days ago @ 7:15 pm
Currently only the filter on the filter knob is applied to individual stems

But you can easily map your own .. . for example
To activate stems FX on vocal & turn on loop roll : effect_stems "vocal" & effect_active "loop roll"
For the color fx slider : effect_colorslider "loop roll" while_pressed

Or just as a "working concept" with a button to turn on the Stems FX for vocal & loop roll turned down
Then a slider to apply loop roll color fx on the vocal only. So its less chance of any "accidents"..

Button : effect_stems "vocal" & effect_active "loop roll" & effect_slider "loop roll" 1 0
Slider: effect_colorslider "loop roll" while_pressed & effect_slider "loop roll" 1 100% while_pressed


Posted 4 days ago @ 9:40 pm
Or to make it much easier..

1) Activate Stems FX for vocal
2) Activate the main effect you want to use.. say for example echo (with strength off)
3) Use the echo on the filter knob as color FX

I guess in future perhaps option/optional to use color fx with stems fx directly without activating effect...


Posted 4 days ago @ 9:53 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It look like only the 6 generic slots apply to selected stem(s)
the 3 other (colorfx release and video) apply to the whole track even marked as stemfx

Posted 4 days ago @ 11:58 pm
awesome stuff Rune :)

Just so I understand I am calling this Color FX, (the knob under Beat in picture. labeled LOOP ROLL)

I cannot get StemFX separation for Color FX

I made 2 videos First is with the standard 3 slot FX. effect_stems vocal on w Loop Roll, and I LOVE it ..

1) https://www.mediafire.com/file/9bwu78o6xhtunee/StemFX_Loop_Roll.mp4/file
and 2nd one is with effect_stems vocal on using the Color FX Loop Roll

2) https://www.mediafire.com/file/lxoijfji1fryl4d/StemFX_Vocal_ON__ColorFX.mp4/file

you can easily hear in first that vocal only is loop rolled and in the second (with effect_stems vocal on) that using the Color FX knob, that ALL stems are loop rolled (the way it was before stem separation existed)

I added the Loop Roll Gui so one can see that there is NO connection between the standard FX sliders and the ColorFX effects controls.

So effect_stems vocal on ............. HAS NO EFFECT on COLOR FX effects.

Is that what you are saying Nicotux?
Nicotux wrote :
It look like only the 6 generic slots apply to selected stem(s)
the 3 other (colorfx release and video) apply to the whole track even marked as stemfx

PS copyright claim on track, my bad for poor music choice, for a demo.. so no go on youtube.

Posted 4 days ago @ 3:33 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Partially, there are 6 slots and 3 specialized slots per deck
"colorfx" is one, "releasefx" and "video" are the other
2 last can activate multiple effects

when "effect_stems" is set effects activated from slot 1 to 6 apply to selected stem(s)
effects activated from colorfx and releasefx and videofx slots go on applying to whole track
however their names are prepend with the "S" dot

I think at least for "Release" and "Video", going on applying to whole track is a good point
This allow some effects to apply to whole track in addition to effects applying to selected stem(s)
but in this case their names should not prepend with "S" dot

colorfx is a special case, it maybe useful in both ways, may be a mode selection switch could help

By extension: Another (guessed only) possibility could be effect_stems applying per slot (or per effect)
i.e.: effect_stems 1 vocal & effect stems 2 rhythm & effect_active 1 reverb & effect_active 2 'filter LP' & effect_active releasefx EQ10 & effect_active colorfx pitch & effect_active video shaders
(effect_select colorfx pitch is the same as filter_selectcolorfx colorfx pitch)
vocal having reverb, rhythm having LP filter, video showing shader and all audio being EQ, and everything possibly pitched with colorfx button

Posted 4 days ago @ 5:06 am
Nicotux wrote :
when "effect_stems" is set effects activated from slot 1 to 6 apply to selected stem(s)
effects activated from colorfx and releasefx and videofx slots go on applying to whole track

Thank you so much Nicotux, much appreciated.

I was concerned maybe, it was just my system, that was unable to apply effect_stems to the ColorFx effects

And yes the possibility of having effect stems per slot would be amazing, since one could script each FX slot independently (with scripted controller knobs/buttons).

For example to have
slot 1 vocal stems with loop roll
slot 2 bass stems with effect XXX
slot 3 all stems (traditional FX) with effect YYY

Currently the effect_stems is universally applied to all slots, each acting on only the vocal for example.


Posted 4 days ago @ 5:01 pm